Reversible Octopus Plushie

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  • The adorable, moody plushie that has taken TikTok by storm! Your favorite creators have it, and now you can too!
  • Show your mood without having to say a word! Whether you are having a great day or everything is terrible, the Octopus Plushie can show your friends and family how you are feeling. Simply flip the Plushie to its happy face or its angry face.
  • Kids and adults alike will love the supersoft fabric and portable size of the plushies. Not to mention, they flip INSIDE OUT, thanks to TeeTurtle’s patented Reversible Plushie design.
  • Give it to your toddler to intercept their next meltdown, or put it on your desk at work so coworkers know when to stay away!
  • Collect them all! TeeTurtle makes Reversible Plushie Unicorns, Narwhals, Cats, Dogs, Pandas, Turtles, and more, in tons of different colors! Also check out our company’s supersoft and nerdy t-shirts, as well as our games brand, Unstable Games!
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